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Full-Service Real Estate Transaction Management: Commercial Leasing, Condominium Conversion,
& More

Securely and responsible complete all types of real estate transactions with services from FITZSIMMONS LAW OFFICE, in Arlington, Massachusetts. We specialize in providing real estate transaction management for large lending institutions and real estate developers, as well as residential clients, individuals, and homeowners.

We Handle All Types of Transactions

The attorneys at FITZSIMMONS LAW OFFICE have the knowledge, skill, and attention to detail to make sure that your legal needs are addressed in a prompt and professional manner. We routinely handle all aspects of real estate transactions, providing management that is personalized to your goals. We can do everything from helping you sell or buy a home, to providing specialized contracts for condominium conversions or commercial leasing. The different types of clients we offer our services to include:

Building - Condominium Conversion

• A First Time Home Buyer Purchasing Residential Real Estate
• Mortgage Lender Who Needs Knowledgeable & Experienced Attorneys to Close Purchases & Refinance Mortgage Loans
• A Title Insurance Company That Needs Local Counsel for an Important Client
• A Developer Looking to Create a Condominium.
• A Business That Needs a Skilled Attorney to Assist with a Complex Commercial Real Estate Transaction

Contact us to make sure no detail of your real estate transaction is overlooked.